I’m Speaking at the Scrum Gathering 2015

Leading in an Agile environment is all about mindset and understanding what motivates people. This interactive workshop will unpack the superhero archetypes of Agile leaders with their related Agile leadership anti-patterns.

This annual event is happening on the 19th and 20th October and this year it is in Johannesburg.

My proposal for a 90-minute workshop was accepted and I am speaking on the 19th – The Spiderman Antidote to the Anti-patterns of Agile Leaders.

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The Adventure of Implementing Scrum in a Corporate

In October of 2014 I was selected as one of the speakers at the South African Scrum Gathering 2014, aptly, or so I thought, themed “Scrum Odyssey”, to talk about this journey with the presentation titled The Adventure of Implementing Scrum in a Large Corporate.

Agile adoptions tend to take the form of journeys. It would be wonderful if they were “on-off” switches but they are not. I was privileged to have been part of a part of such a journey. This journey started circa 2013 and this organisation is continuously learning and adapting.

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Regional Scrum Gathering – Jo’burg

The Agile and Scrum world is littered with Unlikely Heroes. Those who see beyond the ordinary to find extraordinary superpowers in the values and techniques. Whether you are a hero in training or a superhero, come and find new superpowers and uncover the kryptonite at this year’s gathering of Unlikely Heroes.

Originally posted on June 16, 2015.


This year’s Scrum Gathering is coming to Johannesburg! The theme this year is Unlikely Heroes.

Tickets are now on sale, and the call for papers has gone out.

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The Scrum Board – Physical vs. an E-tool

A quick thought on task boards.

Article originally published on January 16, 2014.

I’m not a fan of teams using tools in place of a physical Scrum board.  The physical act of writing stories on index cards, moving stickies and having the daily stand-up around it is so powerful. It becomes an anchor for communication and collaboration within the team, the place around which meaningful conversations take place, much like the proverbial watercooler.

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Retrospectives – Building Great Teams

For me, the sprint retrospective is the most valuable Scrum ceremony. It’s also the first session to be ignored by teams new to Scrum due to lack of time. Remember, the road to great self-organising teams is paved with good sprint retrospectives.

This article was originally published on January 22, 2014.

The first thing I do when a Scrum Master tells me that they didn’t do a sprint retrospective because of lack of time is count…slowly…to ten, plastic smile pasted on my face while I try to focus through the red haze in front of my eyes, chaotic thoughts running through my mind…No time for improvement? No time to become more productive? No time to become great?”, before I regain some semblance of rationality. For me, the sprint retrospective is the most valuable Scrum ceremony.

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5 Scrum Essentials

These 5 Scrum essentials that often get overlooked, underestimated or simply discarded as not important by a team starting off in Scrum.

This article was originally published on May 14th, 2013.

Scrum is a simple framework to understand. It is not always easy to implement. A team humble enough to suspend disbelief and trust the process will start experiencing the benefits within 3 sprints. The business and users, will similarly experience the benefits in as short a time-span.

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Personal: From Waterfall to Agile

I resisted Scrum for 3 months. Then two things happened. I did the Certified Scrum Master Course. And I read Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

This article was originally posted on April 20, 2013. Much has changed since then on my development and it is worthwhile reflecting back since then.

...for a long time now I've wanted to chart my Agile journey. It started 3 years ago and because I aim for continuous improvement personally and professionally, this journey will not be over any time soon.

To understand the above statement I feel I need to explain that before I fell into Agile, Scrum, to be specific, I had been a Project Manager delivering projects rather successfully using traditional or waterfall methods for 10 years already. I resisted Scrum for 3 months and when the magic started happening, despite my confused feelings about letting go and not trying to control everything all the time, I became an instant convert.

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