Upcoming Talks and Workshops

I'm going to be giving a few talks and workshops over the next 3 months. Hope to see you there. Scrum User Group of South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa) - October 2017 - Workshop: no one is as smart as all of us - rebooting collaboration.  Learning Outcomes: Understand the characteristics of good collaboration; understand what are the favourable conditions for collaboration; gamestorm new approaches to collaboration. (more…)

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Personal: From Waterfall to Agile

This article was originally posted on April 20, 2013. Much has changed since then on my development and it is worthwhile reflecting back since then.

...for a long time now I've wanted to chart my Agile journey. It started 3 years ago and because I aim for continuous improvement personally and professionally, this journey will not be over any time soon.
To understand the above statement I feel I need to explain that before I fell into Agile, Scrum, to be specific, I had been a Project Manager delivering projects rather successfully using traditional or waterfall methods for 10 years already. I resisted Scrum for 3 months and when the magic started happening, despite my confused feelings about letting go and not trying to control everything all the time, I became an instant convert. (more…)

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