Regina_MartinsI have 15+ years experience with managing IT projects in the financial services and telecoms industries. I discovered Scrum in 2010 and have never looked back from that. 

I get energized when I am involved in building self-organised teams and facilitating these teams to deliver value to business stakeholders. I have experience in navigating governance and processes to make Agile work in a corporate environment.

Before I fell in love with Agile I had been a Project Manager delivering projects rather successfully using waterfall methods for 10 years. I resisted Scrum for 3 months and when the magic started happening, despite my confused feelings about letting go and not trying to control everything all of the time, I became an instant convert.

I aim for continuous improvement in my personal and professional lives. I’m now comfortable not having all the answers, nor all the questions. Retrospectives are my favourite of the Scrum sessions and the one which I consider the most important.

My Agile journey started more than 8 years ago and because I aim for continuous improvement personally and professionally, this journey will not be over any time soon.

I regularly deliver talks at local and international conferences.

For fun I engage in blogging,  public speaking, reading, photography, and travel.

Regina Martins

CSM®, CSPO®, CSP®, KMP®, NLP (Masters), Training From The Back Of The Room Practitioner, SAFe Agilist, Certified LeSS® Practitioner, Human Systems Dynamics Professional, Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer


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