Who Am I?

I work as an Agile Coach and Trainer and love what I do. I’ve worked in IT for most of my working career although I started off in the business. My experience is mainly in financial services although I did spend 8 years managing Telco projects.

For fun I blog, do public speaking, read a lot, take many photos and travel. I love the idea that agile coaching is the only profession in the world where I can take my wax crayons to work.

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Meet The Coach: Regina Martins

Originally published on the agile42 website on 13 May 2016. Interview with agile42 South Africa coach Regina Martins about her path and approach to coaching. In this new instalment of our “Meet the Coach” series we talked with Johannesburg-based coach Regina Martins about change, the Agile world and “the smell of the place”.

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